Friday, 17 May 2013

5 Mile Sponsored Dog Walk and Dog Shows!

Hi all,

I will only be able to update my blogs every other weekend for the next few weeks as we are currently getting a new wi-fi modem as my other was broke, but I am currently at my dads house for the weekend!

So, last weekend on Sunday, I went to the 5th annual Wet Nose Day at Deerness Kennels, Stray Action for Dogs (SAD) with my best friend, Lauren and her beautiful Labrador X Border Collie, Millie, 10 years old who was actually rescued from this Rescue Kennel Center when she was 4 years old. I went with Lauren to pick Millie up, Charlie helped her a lot over come her fears of dogs, as did Roman. Me and Lauren have been best friends ever since! The dogs brought us together I am sure! s we didn't get along too well at school, until we got to know each other and realize we had everything in common the same (all dog related! ;) ). Anyway, this is an event which is successful each year. It is a 5 mile dog walk where dog lovers and owners come from all over the North East or sometimes further (UK) to take part, have fun, and most of all/importantly raise money and awareness for the poor dogs out on the streets dying of starvation or living in terrible environments with cruel owners. I missed the first years event of 'Wet Nose Day' but have attended the other with my Westie, Charlie Boy and Cocker Spaniel, Roman.

2010 I raised: £123.50
2011 I raised: £235.00
2012 I raised: £97.22
2013 I raised: £84.60

So, it is fair to say I have raised a fair amount for the dogs and the kennels that past 4 years and not to mention, I save up and donate to them during the year as well every few months along with Dogs Trust and Akita Rescue and Welfare.

The walk was lovely, we met some lovely dogs and people, we also saw some familiar faces! I was buzzing to see a couple of Akitas! But unfortunately, I didn't get any photos! I was surprised to see an Irish Wolfhound though?!?! She was lovely and won one of the dog shows!

The dog shows were fun and I entered both my boys in Handsomest Dog. They both came 4th together and we won some treats (which were demolished during the week). Me and Charlie Boy entered Cleverest Trick, came 3rd with his trick 'walk back' (walking backwards on his hind legs) and won some treats. I personally thought Charlie Boy should of came 1st as the dog who came 1st was only giving a paw as their trick and thought walking backwards on hind legs would of been more impressive but hey ho! It was fun! :D.  Roman and I entered Waggiest Tail and came 2nd, we won some treats and two toys. We had great fun!
Now for the photos. Sorry, there isn't loads but my camera died! :( Enjoy!
A stunning American Bulldog female only 10 months old. 

This the beautiful and much loved Millie. 

We walked off to the side from all the other dogs to give our three a run :). Charlie Boy and Millie waiting for the ball!

Roman, tired after the walk and his off lead run! 
A lovely little Cockapoo puppy
Our 4th certificate from this event
Keeshond, Wirehaired Viszla and a Lurcher mongrel taking their places for prettiest bitches. 
Charlie Boy, Roman and Millie - It was a rainy day! 

The smallest and largest dogs are picked out each year for a prize and the crowd/audience have to decide which dog they like best. Each dog has to perform 3 tricks. The Irish Wolfhound female and the female Yorkshire Terrier, both rescued from Deerness Kennels :)


  1. Thanks for joining our Blog Hop. Great pics of this event - what a good cause too. Love that photos of the biggest & smallest - Mutt & Jeff.

    1. Its a great cause! I can't wait for the next event with Stray Aid in the next week! :) How exciting! Thanks for your comments! I hope that my blog will be popular in time, just like others! Please share my blog! :)

  2. What a great event and cause and I LOVE you photos! It's wonderful how much you do to help! Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Maxie Moo! :P Were always happy to help and try our hardest to do what we can! :)


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